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TAVOOS RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX                              Another Masterpiece in Bandar Anzali Free Zone

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Tavoos residential towers complex is another masterpiece in Bandar Anzali Free Zone. Tavoos residential towers are the third successful project of this group under construction in Bandar Anzali Free Zone. The investment and implementation of Tavoos residential complex project was started in July 2009 with an infrastructure over 184000 square meters in area at 22 floors, including 1062 residential units with 4 penthouse units.


Other Projects

Introduction of Brand Center Commercial Complex Project
Introduction of Pardis Project


Pardis multipurpose complex with an infrastructure over 14300 square meters in area has 2 floors, is located at a land measuring 13013 square meters in area near Tavoos residential tower and has a distance less than 250 meters to the sea. This complex has all sports, medical, commercial and parking facilities and anything required by a multipurpose complex.

Design of Pardis complex’s phase 2 is under implementation; therefore, it will be completed after obtaining the required licenses from Bandar Anzali Free Zone Organization with the following specifications.

Introduction of Venus Commercial – Administrative Complex Project





Venus project is the second successful project of this group in Bandar Anzali Free Zone which started the investment and establishment of Venus commercial – administrative complex with an infrastructure over 52000 square meters in area in 3 floors, including 836 commercial booths, 66 administrative units, 108 storerooms and some service units, and completed the project after 3 years (started in July 2003 and completed in July 2006).

Note: Currently, some commercial – administrative, storerooms and service units of this complex are ready for sale.

For more information, please visit the or use the link in the home page of this website.

Introduction of Setareh Shomal Project




 This group was the first company which for the first time established the first commercial – administrative complex in Bandar Anzali Free Zone called Setareh Shomal with the purpose of developing the zone in a land measuring 12000 square meters in area (1.2 hectares) because it believed in the growth and development of Bandar Anzali Free Zone and for this reason, it took a step in the construction and development of this young zone